Our Beautiful Rock
Why we do what we do!
         Our Beautiful Rock Travel Club is a small group of adventure travelers who love to travel this Beautiful Rock of ours together and enjoy each others company in beautiful accommodations all over the World. Naturally, our trips attract people from all over the world who are looking to get up close and personal with our planet. Like you, they're seeking out new experiences and lifelong connections with other people and places. Whether hiking trails through a cloud forest or winding up the day over a glass of wine, you’ll enjoy it more in the company of a small group of like-minded travelers.

       Regardless of your age or how much ink you’ve booked in your passport, you’ll be more than welcome if you’re rolling solo. In fact, you’ll be in good company, with about half your group travelling solo, too. They range from those who favor the safety and security of hassle-free travel with like-minded people to those who have traveled on their own and prefer a high degree of independence.

       We are the perfect location for the solo traveler who wants a safe secure place to call home among friends on their next adventure.  Please fill our information request form and I will be quick to answer all of your questions about our next trips. Hope to see you soon for an adventure of a lifetime.

Free video of your adventure with every reservation!