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We organize special small group tours in Hawaii and beyond. We stay at amazing homes usually large enough to accommodate 6 to 12 people. We hire personal chefs to take care of all of our needs, we use local drivers to take us around to all the waterfalls, beaches and hiking trails that we will have time to explore. Our groups are designed for mature travelers, at this time we cannot accommodate people under 12 years of age, unless they are with a privite group?

Our all inclusive extended stay vacation packages will handle everything from accommodations, 5 star cuisine, transportation and activities. We do offer upgraded activities and opportunities to eat at other locations, these extras are not included in our package price.

Our accommodations are a shared housing arrangement. If you are a solo traveler you will be teamed up with a member of the same sex in a room with two single beds or you can ask adout single supplement options?

Also remember as a special thank you for your reservation, you will be given a free video at the end of your adventure documenting your time with us. And have the opportunity to purchase all the photos from your event.

Please click on TRIPS to see a detailed price and itinerary list for each trip that we offer. Then, contact us directly for payment options.​​​​​

Once you make a reservation you will be sent the name of your arrival airport, then make your flight reservations. Forward your arrival and departure information, then we will pick you up and bring you back to our property to began your adventure with us. Every vacation package has a detailed itinerary that we stick to each day. Once the trip is over we will shuttle you back to the airport for your flight back home.